Where the Wild Microbes Grow

Check out the new eBook Where the Wild Microbes Grow — now available, free on iBooks and pdf!  The book is fun way for young, future scientists and subterranauts to learn about “inter-terrestrials” and various ecosystems.  I learned about the book through my work with the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations and maybe you’ll even recognize some of the scientists on the last page!


The Week of Mars: Is the red planet habitable?

The question of whether or not life could/can survive on Mars was brought to the forefront of popular media this month with NASA’s announcement of water currently flowing on Mars, Matt Damon “science-ing the sh!t out” of the red planet in the Hollywood release of The Martian, and Google’s adorable doodle of Mars drinking a large gulp of water.  Together, these events have led to an increased interest in the habitability of Mars and, Continue reading